Stocks Hall Mawdesley welcomes The Bariatric Consultancy

We were delighted to welcome The Bariatric Consultancy to Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home recently.

Directors, Sevim and Janet, along with Senior Patient Care Co-ordinator, Lyndsey, delivered a 2 day training course on ‘Working with Morbid Obesity in a Clinical Setting’, which included understanding the challenges and the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The Bariatric Consultancy has an education and training programme that has been developed over 4 years of research. It has been designed to provide an education and training resource for other healthcare professionals, who wish to gain insight into bariatric care and the cognitive strategies that are used to help those with bariatric needs.

The ladies from the Consultancy, who are based in Dartford, Kent, presented the training to a varied staff group, including Carers, Nurses, Admin and Activities. All the staff share differing interests in the care of the ladies and gentlemen, who reside on our Wicker Unit, which was specifically designed for bariatric residents.

Sevim, Janet and Lyndsey were very impressed with the facilities and equipment at Stocks Hall Mawdesley ‘Wicker Unit’ and commented on the high standard of care given to all our ladies and gentlemen.

Staff expressed how useful they found the training and it is hoped that with further collaborations, the unit could become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Bariatric Care.