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Willow Unit – Residential

Willow Unit provides 12 residential bedrooms and has a large lounge and dining area which will also accommodate daily activities and entertainment. The dining room has a satellite kitchen for visitors and residents to help themselves to refreshments if they wish.  The Unit also has an assisted bathroom, with profiling bath and tracking hoist facility.

willow-unit-loungeWillow Unit is beautifully decorated, with a homely, contemporary feel.  Five of its bedrooms have their own patio door, which leads onto a quiet patio area.

The Unit is supervised by Senior Carers supported by a team of Care Assistants.  There is a senior Carer Station at a corner location providing clear visibility and providing a safe environment for medication, meetings, care planning and staff supervision/appraisals.

Our advanced intercom system will enable visitors to call directly to Willow Unit to allow for access.

There will be a variety of activities’ for the people to live with us on Willow Unit, organised by our Activity Co-ordinator.  The activities will be person-centred around our clients, but also more general group entertainment available such as, singers, panto’s and musical events, as well as smaller, more integrate activities.

People who live with us on our other Units will be more than welcome to participate.



A great place to call home

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