Specialist Bariatric Training at Stocks Hall Mawdesley

Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home recently welcomed representatives from Benmor Medical for their second visit to the Home.  The Company, who specialise in bariatric patient handling equipment, provided a 2 day training course for a group of staff.

This was a practical based course exploring the Manual Handling of the Plus Size (Bariatric) person including theory, definition, and protocols for the safer management of this patient group.

Over the two day course, staff were able to learn about Health and Safety Legislation and responsibilities, equipment for the mobile, semi-mobile and non-mobile Resident, to help promote independence and a safer working environment. Equipment included, profiling bariatric beds and specialist mattresses, specialist chairs and hoist systems as well as falls equipment.

Staff were able to role play and try out all the equipment that was brought along by Benmor, many of which are currently available on Wicker Unit at the Home.

Kelly Hull, Deputy Manager, says “We were delighted to welcome Benmor Medical back to the Home. The training was fantastic, all the staff that attended found it extremely beneficial and this will support them in providing the best Quality Care they can on our Specialist Bariatric Unit (Wicker). We will continue working with Benmor to ensure that we have equipment for each Individual as required.”

Staff attending the training were able to try out a Bariatric Training Suit, which enables them to feel for themselves the problems of mobility and routine activity experienced as a norm by the Individuals they care for.  Staff were placed in a hoist, while wearing the training suit, to show the difficulties faced in these situations and how to continue and best care for all they support.