Local Transport Museum – By Gone Times

Norma, Dennis and Ian, living at Stocks Hall, Mawdesley Home enjoyed themselves, whilst at Bury Transport Museum recently.

The Museum offers compelling insight into local transport history including occupations and lives in the early 20th century. Housed in the beautifully restored 1848 Castlecroft Goods Warehouse, the Museum welcomes guests to explore a brand new interior with a fascinating collection of vintage vehicles and original artefacts, in addition to interactive displays.

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Dennis was interested in the old Fire Engine, also called Dennis, while Ian was fascinated by all the exhibits and thoroughly enjoyed looking around the whole complex.  Norma was amused when Minibus Driver, Mike and Activities Staff, Joanne and Jack dressed up in some costumes.

Activities Co-ordinator, Joanne, says “A lovely outing together, with lots of interactive displays and vehicles to see, plus a fun dressing up area, well worth a visit.”

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