Festive Times at Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home

With 2018 now commenced, Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group would like to reflect on what a wonderful festive time has been celebrated at Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home, and out in the local community.

During the festive period, Stocks Hall’s 6 Care Homes, held Christmas fairs, bingo events, parties, welcomed choirs, school children, musicians, singers, entertainers and raised money for varied charities.  Special Christmas outings were organised to pantomimes,  Christmas markets, shopping fairs, entertainment and lunches enjoyed with each other’s company, in the local community.

Santa, taking time out of his busy schedule, visited each person on Christmas morning, giving gifts to those living at Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home.

Here are a selection of some of the wonderful, magical moments the Home have shared together, over the festive period.

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Finally  a special thank you, must go to all the unsung Stocks Hall’s Heroes who have continued to deliver Inspirational, Excellent, Personalised Care, over this very busy, festive period.

Happy New Year from Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group.