‘Bubbly’ of a different kind – Birthday Celebrations

Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home were delighted to host a special birthday lunch recently for a gentleman called John. John has previously enjoyed a respite stay in luxurious Willow Residential unit, at Stocks Hall Mawdesley Home, and was keen to celebrate his birthday with friends he had made during his time spent there. As a surprise, John’s daughter, Wendy, had also given him a ‘Gift Voucher’ entitling him to a ‘Jacuzzi Bubble Bath’, in one of the Home’s assisted bathrooms. The advanced bathing system, with variable height adjustment complete with integrated hoist and transfer, features the latest bathing technology.

Designed to ease the stress and strain of the daily transfer and bathing routine, the person can easily be transferred in and out of the bath and the tub height adjusted at the press of a button.

Along with its sense control panel and blending valve, the system comes with an integrated thermostatically controlled shower for hair and upper body washing.

Care Supervisor, Paul says, “It was great to see John again and Stocks Hall Mawdesley felt honoured that he wanted to return and spend time with us on his special day. We thought it was a brilliant idea for the bubble bath, as we know how much he enjoyed these experiences when he stayed here previously.”

Happy Birthday John!